Welcome to Wellness Counseling with Dr. Helena Boersma.

Dr. Boersma combines her knowledge of whole-body wellness, exercise physiology and behavioral counseling to help you reach emotional and physical wellness goals.  She specializes in collaborating with clients to understand why undesirable behaviors may occur and explores underlying reasons and beliefs that might be sustaining those behaviors.

Her approach to behavior change is informed by evidence-based research, neuroscience and understanding the brain’s innate hardwiring that locks in particular behaviors.  With helpful and straightforward approaches, Dr. Boersma helps you to understand why your brain might be holding onto behaviors, even if you don’t like them and have tried repeatedly to change.  She shows you how to build skills for long-lasting behavior changes.    

Dr. Boersma is very mindful to collaborate with you and your support team (health care providers, family, friends, partners, and children) to improve emotional connections, communication patterns and ensure quality of care.